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OTC Supply believes that investing in cryptocurrencies should be quick and simple. That’s why we’ve streamlined the experience for our clients by developing a platform that strips the purchasing process down to its bare essentials. With this straightforward approach, you’ll be able to more accurately time each and every one of your transactions in order to improve the probability of generating positive returns on your investment.

Passionate Partners

Committed to the continued growth of all things crypto, OTC Supply prides ourselves on our ability to stay on top of the trends to offer cutting-edge insight into the current viability of the various digital currencies. Whether you’re a first-time investor or an established trader looking to diversify your existing portfolio with cryptocurrencies, our team has the first-hand knowledge needed to help you achieve your goals.

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We make cryptocurrency purchasing simple — by accepting standard methods of payment such as direct bank transfers and making our service available on a variety of different platforms, OTC Supply enables each and every one of our clients to get up and running much more quickly.


The meticulous team at OTC Supply always strive to stay on top of the ups and downs happening across the cryptocurrency landscape. Offering advice that never relies on outdated information allows our teams to help you make purchases quickly, intelligently, and reliably.


Over-the-counter trading with OTC Supply opens up new, increasingly popular investment avenues. Regardless of your level of experience, the direct nature of our transactions enables our team to more effectively help you hit each and every one of your unique investment targets.


By leveraging predictive analytics to more consistently anticipate rising and falling cryptocurrency prices, we’re well-positioned to offer our clients the up-to-the-minute guidance needed to help them capitalise on — rather than fall subject to — fluctuating spot prices.


We take the security of our clients seriously — that’s why our services adhere to the strict standards set by today’s cryptocurrency regulatory environment. This compliance gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your purchases are in the hands of a trusted partner.


Cryptocurrencies enable you to diversify your existing portfolio with digital commodities that can work alongside other major asset classes to create more robust investment vehicles. Balance is key to maximising the probability of generating profitable short and long-term returns.

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